On self restraint, sleep and Ninja Turtles…(AKA why being over 30 kicks ass)

So there are several pieces that have been floating around the Inter-webs about the negatives of hitting the big 3-0. I know there are quite a lot of bits that hit close to home for many people (myself included), but, if I may, I’d like to offer a well-thought out, highly personal, likely way-too-serious retort.

Your 30’s kick ass. You are no longer a 20-something person trying to “find yourself”, struggling with the confusion of whether or not you should stay home and watch Supernatural, then got to bed at 11, or go out and party with all the kids. You no longer give nearly as much of a damn what other people think, AND, you’ve made a fool out of yourself enough times that at this point, you should have some degree of self-restraint (which is a GODSEND, let me tell you). So here’s a list of reasons why 30’s are waaaaay better than 20’s (disclaimer: this list does not of course apply to everyone in their 30’s, this is simply based on my own experience):

1) You don’t give a damn if people know that you go to bed at 11 after watching Supernatural. Who’s got no hangover and feels fresh and amazing the next day?? This gal!

2) You may not know what you want to do with your life, BUT you’ve matured enough to realize that that’s completely cool and actually kind of admirable.

3) You realize that while many friends are having kids, it’s completely fine to wait a little while longer and totally acceptable to opt out of child-bearing. As I’ve recently learned, there are plenty of people who have kids (or become parents) into their late 30’s and even sometimes early 40’s.

4) You start to care more about other people, and less about what other people think of you.

5) Yes, you may start buying shoes more for comfort than sex appeal, but, OMG you guys there are shoes that offer BOTH!!! And they can be super cute and sexy. Ask my feet!

6) It’s completely acceptable to buy books from the self-help section. In fact, if you’re like me, half of your conversations may revolve around the teachings of Wayne Dyer, the Dalai Lama, etc.

7) You’re no longer *quite* so reckless, and you do wear sunscreen not because adults always told you to, but because you start giving a shit about things like cancer.

8) You no longer feel guilty for needing a full 8 hours of sleep at night. It’s just understood and people no longer question it.

9) You don’t ever have to suffer through your first hangover again (which is typically the case in your 20’s as well, but hey, it’s a comforting thought for all, am I right?).

10) If you’re like me, you kind of start noticing things you hadn’t really noticed before. Like flowers, trees, nice sunsets, and God help me, Steve Winwood. I stopped for a solid 5 minutes on a run not too long ago to marvel at a garden of tulips. Magical happy blissyness.

11) It’s harder to get bored because you’re probably more likely to focus your time on things that really matter. Like a marathon session of Arrested Development on a Sunday with the mister.

12) You can revel in the satisfaction that you grew up with many of the most kick-ass cartoons EVER. Smurfs, Gummy Bears, Rainbow Bright, He-Man, GI Joe, TMNT – there was something for EVERY one of us.

13) You got to experience at least (or close to) half your life without the Internet. But you are young enough to really embrace it at the same time. It’s a good place to be. Can’t imagine what childhood would have been like for me if I’d had a computer WITH the Internet in my home. I’d have been so fat, plus I would have never showered.

14) You gradually become more and more aware that it’s not just you – EVERYBODY is insecure as hell. Nobody really cares that much what you’re wearing or how much you weigh because they’re all too busy stressing about their own images. Image is dumb, but everyone struggles with it.

15) After trying so hard to be an adult for a whole decade, you realize that it’s totally fine to embrace the pieces of your childhood that made you who you are. Don’t throw away the toys – keep them. And not for your future children – for you.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rainbow_Brite_and_Color_Kids.jpg


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