Bedroom Magic

Chris and I have spent the last few months updating our apartment with a new look (on the cheap – more to come on this project in an upcoming post.) It’s been fun, BUT through the course of all this, we neglected the bedroom, which made me sad. A couple of weeks ago, Chris told me to “go nuts” with the bedroom and make it whatever I’d like (since he has the nerd room/man cave which he did completely his way). So I did it! I decided I wanted to continue with the mid-century feel but I really love a rustic-ish feel and magical things and of course, being a DIY princess, I had to create SOMETHING.

So it’s tough to tell with the lighting being a bit lousy, but the color theme is lavender/green/brown.

Spike is satisfied with the new look. I won’t post a picture of the room “before” because, well it’s just embarrassing.
I created this “picture” using some wooden tiles from Kudzu antiques, purple yarn and an a frame from Hobby Lobby. It was insanely easy. You should do it too – it WILL change your life.
Tough to tell but the curtains are super cute – lavender, and of course because I needed a little sparkle, I strung up some LED star lights!
And picked up two of these super cute owl lamps from World Market – LOVE THEM!

I’m definitely planning to add more to it (still trying to figure out a way to string lights from the ceiling to create a starry-magical-fairy effect), and also working on this wolf paint-by-number (for GROWNUPS, Judgy McJudgerson) that I’m putting up somewhere once it’s finished. But for now, not too bad given I did it in just a couple of days with a VERY LIMITED BUDGET.

I love changing up the look of things from time to time. Adding your own touch to things in your home really makes it more enjoyable and super fun. I’m so happy I could do a thousand cartwheels (well, maybe just one or two).

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