Bio: I'm kind of a nostalgia freak. I really love unicorns and think the days of air brush t-shirts and mullets are never really gone, all one needs to do is visit the nearest dirt mall or truck stop (two things which I LOVE to do). I get ridiculously excited over snow, anything with a unicorn on it, Korean karaoke, anything circa late-80's/early 90's (lava lamps, clear phones, The Rockafire Explosion, NKOTB), glitter, pretty much anything that glows in the dark, and DIY projects. I LOVE food and fancy myself a health food junkie. I also love running and fitness. And apparently I'm a fan of blogging about my insecurities. I live in Atlanta, work for a nonprofit that uses running to help the homeless, and I'm married to a man who willingly does interpretive dances to Abba, Queen and the Spice Girls alongside me. We recently procreated and named our son after Magneto.

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